Chaithya G. R.

Neurospin, CEA Saclay

Bât. 145, Gif-sur-Yvette


I am Doctral student at CEA Paris Saclay, working in the INRIA-CEA Parietal Team, with Dr Philippe CIUCIU, at Neurospin. I work on Compressed Sensing and its application to Imaging applications, particularly MRI. We strive towards obtaining higher resolution MR scans from a scan of significantly reduced scan time. My thesis is on Joint optimization of sampling and recontruction in MRI. My interests include signal processing, mathematical modeling and computer architecture. Overall I have love to learn new things and stay curious.

I like to swim, skate, paint, and play basketball and table tennis occasionally. I love to travel places and meet new people and explore new cultures and traditions. A like to do some minute hobby photography and have a keen interest in architectures of monuments from different places. I read occasionaly and binge pretty much in every vacation. Feel free to explore my interests.


Nov 19, 2020 Started my Ph.D. at Neurospin under NUMERICS Fellowship

random publications

  1. NC-PDNet: a Density-Compensated Unrolled Network for 2D and 3D non-Cartesian MRI Reconstruction
    Ramzi Zaccharie, Chaithya G R, Starck Jean-Luc, and Ciuciu Philippe
  2. Calibration-Less Multi-Coil Compressed Sensing Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Based on OSCAR Regularization
    El Gueddari Loubna, Chaithya G R, Chouzenoux Emilie, and Ciuciu Philippe
  3. PySAP: Python Sparse Data Analysis Package for multidisciplinary image processing
    Farrens S, Grigis A, El Gueddari L, Ramzi Z, Chaithya G R, Starck S, Sarthou B, Cherkaoui H, Ciuciu P, and Starck J-L